Call for Volunteers

To all thespians! We are looking for volunteers to help us run our two -Anonymous events in the Dublin Civic Offices this summer.

Sunday July 8th and/or Sunday July 29th from 11.30am to 5pm at the latest.

Wood Quay Amphitheatre, Dublin Civic Offices, Dublin 8 (Google Map)

Why volunteer?

  • Gain work experience in ushering, event management and theatre productions.
  • Support the Arts in your local community.
  • Be part of a fun event and Meet like minded people!
  • Support and get to know our theatre company and see if you’d like to work with us in the future.

What will you have to do?

  • Direct people to the amphitheatre.
  • Show people to their seats in the amphitheatre.
  • Help us ensure the safety and comfort of our audience and cast.
  • Help us ensure that the area is clean prior and after the performance
  • Help us keep the area around the amphitheatre quiet during the performance

Interested? Fill in the form:

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