Anonymous Audience Reviews

Audience Reviews (January 2017)

“I thought this play was really amazing. I think the lead actors really did the parts justice and made you feel for them and their situations. The young drug addict was great with the crazy up and down moods he really had me nervous. Sean was so great, a man hardened by the streets but he plays him so well that you can’t help but like him as you can see that there is a softer side to Sean. Would highly recommend going to see this before it finishes, great writing and some great acting! Well done!”

“This play deserves 5 stars. Thought-provoking, emotional, humorous and heartfelt. A must see while it is on in the International Bar.”

“This play is amazing…Wonderfully served by Nathalie Clement’s direction, Mark Richardson’s beautifully written script leads the audience through a reflection on homelessness in our society. Always poetic, sometimes dramatic, the play is also funny and entertaining. Casting and actor’s performance are on point… Zeff, Brendan, Conor, Nathalie and Joe give life to their characters in a realistic yet so endearing way. Zeff Lawless is outstanding in the part of Sean the poet. This is a must-see play!”

“Went to see this play last night and was completely blown away. (…) The play has many facets which will humour you, frighten you and enlighten you to human life on the streets of Dublin. (…) The acting was mesmerizing and so realistic. (…) You forgot that you were in a theatre and not on the streets of Dublin.”

“We loved every minute of it and the cast were fantastic! Such a beautifully captivating story.”

“It’s a fantastic piece of writing, beautifully performed and directed and is so current and relevant.”

“Go see it if you can, it’s impressive, light, an eye-opener and you’re gonna be a richer person coming out of there.”

“Anonymous is an important and valuable play that can both entertain and touch the heart of the audience”

“Well rounded characters and endearing ones, go see for yourself.”

“You’ll have to go along to see this play. It is well written, directed and performed.”